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Pilates classes

Every movement requires CONCENTRATION.

We face increasingly demanding challenges that require PRECISION, CALCULATION we often work trying to channel ENERGY in a specific point of our body.

During challenges, the PERCEPTION OF YOUR BODY is fundamental to the success of the challenge.

The Pilates program represents a path for the discovery/rediscovery/rebirth of one's body...

Curious but effective discipline and above all never predictable and repetitive... magic

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Personalized Pilates classes

Booking of the session at least 24 hours in advance 

Pilates on SUP at Sunrise: 1h30min 

30€/person - Min 5ppl

Pilates in Suggestive place  : 1h 

19€/person - Min 2ppl

Call or text us for informations

Possibility to be added to an existing group on a fix place and Day

Private classes in Suggestive place:

1h30min - Min 2ppl
2 people: 50€

3 or more: 20€/person

Tell us the location of your choice (hotel, park, beach, and even boat) to organize your personalized pilates class!


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Our Location

Tel: + 39 320 378 7700

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